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About Royal Estate Properties

Royal Estate Properties is a top real estate & business investment establishment that specializes in purchasing affordable housing, commercial real estate and businesses in stable or emerging markets. We invest and partner in real estate & businesses both locally here in SOUTHERN ONTARIO, across Canada and the United States of America. We are cash or creative buyers; we only buy for cash flow in areas that offer a strong upside potential. No two deals are the same, each deal is unique.

Royal Estate Properties offers our clients and partners The Ultimate ROYAL™ Experience. ROYAL stands for Real estate business and the Opportunity for cash flow and creating win/win scenarios; You will be rewarded on any relationship or deal that you send to us. Authenticity and Loyalty are two key components on how we conduct our business.

Royal Estate Properties is authentic; we focus on the long-standing relationships we build with people who generate leads, deals and opportunities and the people to whom we send our deals to. We achieve success by our transformational way of thinking, with an emphasis on loyalty, reliability, relationships, and positive outcomes.

Although we may partner at times, we are selective in who we invest with. We don’t just focus on returns; we focus on the long term balance of the relationship and the capability do to many great deals that are sure to be secure, successful, and profitable.

Royal Estate Properties offers creative techniques in seller financing or lease options. We are proficient at problem solving and providing solutions to make the deal work. We are surrounded by a great team of people who care; this is one of the many reasons why we are so successful.

At Royal Estate Properties we are always looking for real estate and business deals. If you don’t have a great deal, but know of someone that does, we here at Royal Estate Properties can still do business with you. There two ways that it can be profitable to you. One, if it is a good fit; you can partner up in the deal or get an assignment fee for referring the deal to us if we close on the deal.

There are two key factors that you will never have to worry about when you chose to work with Royal Estate Properties, they are:

  1. Everything will be done legally and in writing.
  2. Loyalty is important: we will never cut you out of the deal. We will always reward you on any relationship or deal that you send to us. We are very grateful for your business and look forward to building a successful and long-term relationship with you.

About Our Team

Royal Estate Properties is surrounded by highly qualified and knowledgeable Power Team members that include: realtors, mortgage brokers, attorneys, accountants, mentors, business advisors, and deal strategists. Our Power Team acknowledges what our clients want and does what it takes to get the deal done.

About Marc & Vanessa

Marc & Vanessa are the Senior Managing Directors of Royal Estate Properties. Together they are building relationships with some of the top entrepreneurs in the country. These top entrepreneurs include: Robert Kiyosaki’s teachings through “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, being interviewed by Bruce Buffer, and joining J.T Foxx’s Mega Partnering; the #1 Wealth Creation and Wealth Protection in the world today. They have gone on to coming up with creative ways to get the deals done. Marc & Vanessa are driven by success and always ensure that on every deal they create “Win, Win scenarios” for everyone. Marc & Vanessa are involved with various charities and participate in several community events.  Marc volunteers his skill, knowledge and time coaching youth soccer, while Vanessa is preparing to open her own licensed Child Care Centre in the community in which they live in.

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